Tax planning advice & preparation in Jackson, MS


Real tax savings aren’t just achieved…

Real tax savings aren’t achieved at just the federal, state or local levels – they are realized through a methodical, cohesive approach that forecasts how each tax hurdle triggers all others thus formulating a delivery means of real savings for your company.

With our years of know-how in working with federal, state and local tax authorities, we have achieved a high level of proficiency that ensures our clients are being represented accurately before these agencies. We treat each situation with paramount integrity, while maximizing results for your business or personal goals.

  • Estate Tax
  • State and Local Tax
  • Federal Credits and Incentives
  • Flow-through Entity Planning
  • Tax Controversy and Dispute Resolution
  • Multistate Tax Planning
  • Special Industry Taxes
Tax professionals are a phone call away.

Tax help for your business is available at Watkins and Company. This is not just a tax-time service, but can be a part of your ongoing business relationship with Watkins and Company, a full-service CPA firm in Flowood, Mississippi that is ready to provide small business help.

Tax Adviser

Watkins and Company has provided tax relief to its small business clients, giving thousands of dollars of tax savings by knowing current tax law and future tax law changes that help clients make decisions with financial expertise geared toward the small business owner.

Tax Planning

Taxes mean more than year-end tax planning and quarterly IRS paperwork. Planning for taxes includes making decisions on purchases, investments, retirement accounts, payroll practices and even business structure. This is why Watkins and Company wants to work with your business year-round, engaging in monthly consulting services that give you access to the latest information and guidance that can keep thousands of dollars from sales in their business accounts at tax time.

With monthly engagements with your business, year-end tax planning changes from a time of rush and worry to a simple transaction that is part of an ongoing discussion. A business relationship with Watkins and Company lets you cut your taxes, simplify tax filing and get expert advice.

Purchasing equipment you need, for replacement or for growth, can have serious cash consequences for your business in terms of tax benefits and other opportunities. Watkins and Company advises an approach structured to your personal needs, looking at overall assets, distribution of the assets, highest benefits and lowest taxes.

Tax Help for Personal Taxes

The tax help you need for personal taxes is at Watkins and Company. If your assets, income and tax burden deserve more expert advice than you find in a Help menu of commercial tax software, see the CPAs at Watkins and Company.

Tax planning and tax preparation go hand-in-hand. Projecting your personal tax liability earlier in the year will help pinpoint tax savings available to you, reducing your tax payments. Receive accurate and timely tax preparation for state and federal returns.

Watkins and Company can help you make tax planning a more stress-free experience by giving you the expert advice that you couldn’t easily find through internet research. Let the experts at Watkins and Company take care of efficiently tracking your finances and preparing you for tax time.

Contact the skilled professional CPAs at Watkins and Company through this website or by phone to put our expertise to work for you. We can help your business as a full service accountant in Brandon, MS