Payroll outsource accountant in Jackson Mississippi


Imagine all of the other things you could be doing…

Imagine all of the other things you could be doing for your business if you weren’t bogged down with state and federal payroll tax reporting, employee benefit tracking and end of the year processing of 1099s and W-2s.

When Watkins and Company handles your payroll, you shed a time-consuming chore—and add to our ability to integrate your total financial picture. Watkins and Company offers businesses a turnkey, hassle-free way to deal with the crucial, yet tedious aspects of employee compensation.

  • Live Payroll
  • Employee Benefits
  • Monthly Payroll Write-Ups
  • 1099 Processing and Reporting
  • 401(k), 414(h), 403(b) Tracking, Reporting & Payments
We do payroll.

Ease your weekly to monthly payroll tasks with help from Watkins and Company. A qualified payroll outsourcing provider for your business, Watkins and Company can calculate withholdings and net pay, handle tax filings, cutting checks or providing electronic deposits. The CPAs at Watkins also can oversee, review and audit your back office work done by your staff.

You gain peace of mind as your payroll services are handled on your behalf and all the payments and IRS filings are handled by skilled professionals in consultation with you. All of these services benefit from the monthly consultations that are a normal part of working with Watkins and Company.

These consultations give you access to professional advice that can lead to great financial savings. Watkins and Company’s experience can guide your payroll processes in ways that result in simpler and more efficient processes along with cost savings. If your payroll costs are causing you headaches, ask Watkins and Company about options that bring real benefits to your business.

Contact the skilled professional CPAs at Watkins and Company through this website or by phone to put our expertise to work for you.