Watkins took one of the biggest headaches in my business and made it simple! Excellent, consistent results.

-Travis – Brandon Mississippi

Bookkeepers save time, energy & money!

Services for small business - bookeeper in Jackson, Mississippi

Bookkeeping with guaranteed efficiency and quality

Our bookkeepers serve the entire Jackson Mississippi Metro Area from our office in Flowood. If you prefer, we can access your computer remotely or come to your office.

Bookkeeping assignments range from short-term books clean up to longer-term relationships, ranging from weekly to monthly activities.

We might be a good match if:

You are on your third bookkeeper this year and are looking for a more stable and reliable solution.  We will be here when you need us.  We will be here when your bookkeeper is on vacation.

We are a great match if you are keeping up with QuickBooks yourself, and reached a point where your time is more valuable and better spent on other activities to enhance your business.

We are a great match if your day-to-day bookkeeping is handled by an office manager, but once a month, you could use additional expertise to review your accounts and perform more complex accounting reports.

What sets Watkins & Company bookkeeping services apart?

We charge the same prices as an independent bookkeeper but you get the stability of a full-fledged CPA firm behind you.

We are affordable and have customized solutions to fit your needs. We also realized that these needs change over time. Sometimes you just need data entry, and other times you need the CPA.

We have been here and will be here without leaving you high and dry. You’re hiring an accounting firm and not an individual.

Each of our Jackson Mississippi bookkeepers have gone through extensive background checks and are trained on the latest QuickBooks updates.

We are fully insured and have errors and omissions coverage.

If it is more appealing for you, we can set up and manage posted QuickBooks files remotely in a multi-user setting.

Finally the quality of our work stands out, through our many years of experience.  We are more efficient and that saves you hours of billable time.

We offer a broad range of QuickBooks support:

  • QuickBooks set up and file creation
  • Catching up on weeks or months of backlog
  • Monthly, weekly and daily bookkeeping depending on your needs
  • Bank and Credit Card reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable accounting
  • Receivable Reports Consulting for business

Watkins & Company Bookkeeping

Flowood, MS

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